Student Work Experience Induction

Fire Exit

In the event of a fire, the fire exit is located in the front of the office on the left hand side, as is indicated by the fire exit sign.

A fire extinguisher is located at the back of the office behind the white doors.


The toilet is located at the back of the office, behind the conference room and kitchen.

Work time

The office is open from 9 am to 6 pm. The employee on work experience works between 10 am and 6 pm.

Break time

Lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm.

Work Plan

The employee on work experience will get tasks to do. These tasks will be spread over five days.

Time keeping

Consequences of delay will involve informing the employee's college and the employer will note this in the report.


When the employee on work experience is unable to attend work, he/she must inform their college about this. They will contact the employer and inform them of it.


If you need any help or if you don't understand something, ask the employer for help.

Getting To Us

Information on how to get to us is located on our 'Getting To Us' page.

You can also download a PDF document from our web page with all of this information.

Eating in the area

If you want to go eat something on your lunch break, there are a few local restaurants/take-aways. The nearest place which you can eat something is MR. COD which is located 2 meters away.

Local Take-Aways


Location:543 Oxford Road, RG30 1HJ, Reading

2: Milano Pizza
Location:477 Oxford Road, RG30 1HF, Reading
Contact:0118 959 9499

3: Domino's Pizza
Location:427 Oxford Road, RG30 1HA, Reading
Contact:0118 956 7555

4: Just Taste
Location:487 Oxford Road, RG30 1HF, Reading
Contact:0118 959 8800

5: Hot Stuff
Location:421 Oxford Road, RG30 1HA, Reading
Contact:0118958 9589

6: Chef Special
Location:431 Oxford Road, RG30 1HD
Contact:0118 958 5008

7: Wan Choi
Location:611 Oxford Road, RG30 1HL, Reading
Contact:0118 957 1038

8: Flavour Of India
Location:262 Oxford Road, RG30 1AD, Reading
Contact: 0118 958 7888

9: Kings Garden
Location:399 Oxford Road, RG30 1HA, Reading
Contact: 0118 957 6553

10: Chi Express
Location: 357 Oxford Road, Reading, West Berkshire RG30 1AZ
Contact :0118 962 5900


Unfortunately, there is no parking space. However, you can park on Waverley Road as there is no need to have a permit.

If you are travelling by motorbike or bicycle, you can park in the back of the office.


Work experience is not a paid activity because it provides a general introduction to the world of work. For one week, you will work up to 40 hours and will be treated as a normal employee.

Dress code

When going to work, you need to look neat. There is no need to wear a suit, but you can come dressed in a shirt and jeans.

Safeguarding Policy For Employers

Employees are encouraged to reveal and report any allegations of abuse against themselves or other employees, without prejudice, in the work place. This abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or psychological.

Staff in the work place should be aware of any signs of abuse in young people. These could be physical bruising or marks, change of behaviour or other abnormal behavioural patterns.

Confidential Documents

If you work in an office like this, you have to obey the laws protecting personal data. You can not talk to anyone about confidential data.

If an employee stole a document, the consequence would be to inform the college and submit a negative report to the police.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Smoking, drinking and drug use is banned in the workplace.

Personal mobile-phones

The employee should not use their mobile phone at work as it can interfere with the performance of their duties and distract other employees. An employee may use a private phone only during breaks. The phone should be switched off or muted.

Email and Internet

An employee at work should not use their private e-mail and enter web pages for their own benefit, or for fun.

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